Full-Service Sculpture Foundry

A.P. Casting is a full-service workshop and foundry at the forefront of casting and fabricating beautiful and complex metal sculptures and structures. We pride ourselves on our dedication to detail and excellence and to our long-standing customers.

Combining the Latest Technologies with Traditional Craft

While the A.P. Casting foundry was founded on traditional bronze casting techniques, we believe in finding the perfect balance between timeless craftsmanship and materials and modern, contemporary expressions of art. For this reason, we continuously strive to innovate and refine our methods and services.

Serving Artists for More than 40 Years

Since our establishment over 40 years ago, A.P. Casting’s team of highly-skilled and experienced artisans has accompanied well-known Israeli sculptures and artists in bringing their visions to life – from miniature to monumental – and achieve superior results every time.

We pride ourselves on our close and open relationship with our artists, and perceive our foundry as an extension of the artist’s working tools.

Diverse Collection of Sculptures and InstallationS around the World

A.P. Casting’s productions can be found in the finest museums and amongst the prized collections of art connoisseurs around the world.