New Expressions of Classic Craftsmanship

Pasal Art Gallery & Foundry was founded by AP Casting, a workshop and full-service foundry at the forefront of casting and fabricating beautiful and complex metal sculptures and structures.

Through a dedication to detail and excellence, our team of highly-skilled and experienced artisans use both traditional and timeless fine bronze casting to collaborate with artists and help bring their unique visions to life.

As an extension to our commitment to art in all its forms, together with classic and timeless craftsmanship, we founded Pasal. 

At Pasal, we’re on a mission to create a unique space where contemporary and emerging artists can explore new expressions of classic craftsmanship, and apply timeless techniques and materials to their modern creations. 
The result? We all get to do what we love and we give art lovers like you from around the world exclusive access to these unique, handpicked works of art.