Explore new Expressions of Classic Craftsmanship
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Shay ID Alony

Shay Alony is a contemporary artist and cultural activist who lives and works in Israel.

Sharon Zargary

Sharon Zargary is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Israel.

Assi Meshullam

Assi Meshullam is a contemporary, multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Israel.

Our Story

The Pasal project was born out of our vision to explore new expressions of classic craftsmanship. We do this by enabling emerging artists to apply timeless techniques and materials to modern creations, and then give you exclusive access to these unique and handpicked works of art.

Full-Service Sculpture Foundry

Full-service workshop and foundry at the forefront of casting and fabricating beautiful and complex metal sculptures and structures.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Looking to commission a unique piece or to find artwork that’s the perfect fit for a residential, hospitality or commercial project? We can help! .


Why bronze and why now? Bronze in contemporary art and sculpture

Bronze—A Timeless Material for Contemporary Art and Sculpture

Bronze is a legendary metal, conjuring up images of antiquity and the eternal. And it's still inspiring artists today.
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How is the Creative Economy Affecting the World of Sculpture?

There’s a sacred aura around artists. But how is the concept of a creative economy changing this and can artists also be entrepreneurs?

Top 5 Tips for Commissioning Custom Sculptures

Commissioning a custom sculpture can be both exciting and intimidating. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 tips for doing it right.